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Welcome, I’m Christa

I am a Soulful artist and explorer, daydreamer, and pure Creative Soul. Creating color, soul and passion for the world to see. Sharing my passion with others and finally realizing my dream. Follow the journey and become a Creative Soul. My journey began 2 years ago when I decided to leave 20 years of a safe, secure career in finance to pursue my dream. Today I am a full time artists. I teach, share my passion and devote most of my time spreading the concept Creative Souls Art - Tapping into that inner passion to create. Feel free to look through my site, read my sometimes deeply personal blog posts and peruse the artwork that has come from my own soul. I hope to inspire, motivate and touch another soul to get there too. Don't forget to subscribe below so that you can follow the journey through passion, art and whatever else I can share. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I would love to hear from you. Thanks Christa

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My Journey

AthenaWhat is Creative Souls Art? Sharing my passion through art and teaching. My Creative Souls are just that. A journey using art and creativity. Where fear and perfection do not exist and passion takes precedence.  


Upcoming Events - New shows just added! Click here for upcoming Creative Souls Art Events Westport Fine Arts Festival, July 15 & 16 Stamford Arts Festival At Harbor Point, July 29 & 30    


Sign up now!!! Classes, private, workshops are now available at my new studio.   Intro to Pastel classes just added!!!! Click here for more information.


My Process

I love sharing my process with others - click here to see videos and demonstrations of how I begin and finish my paintings.


Latest Blog Posts

  • Playing with my Paint

    How do you get your creative soul motivated to create? I like to use new mediums or tools to play – yeah many times the result is a mess, but it allows me to loosen up, get to know the tools that I do have and also play around with how color reacts to each […]

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  • A Creative Mind is a Messy One

    Can anyone relate here?   My studio or anywhere I create is a mess – a beautiful mess though.   But my creative mind is always moving, always thinking and seeing subjects to paint everywhere.   When I listen to music, see a cloud formation or simply just relaxing on a park bench – I […]

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  • Pushing Myself to Try Harder

    My creative mind is all over the place.  Every day I wake up I have a different vision of what I want to create that day.  There are days in which I am ready to focus on my landscape paintings and sometimes I just want to play and explore to see where it takes me. […]

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