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Hello I’m Christa

Your Guide and fellow Creative Soul! I truly love sharing my passion. I am a SoulFul artist creating inspiration and motivation to help others see and live their passion. After spending 20 years in a career in finance that was anxiety driven, stressful and starving my true soul to live, I decided to leave the safe and secure corporate, cubicle life to pursue my passion for art and teaching. In the past 3 years I have led a happier, more fulfilled life and want to share my journey with all of you. I feel art and creativity play an important role in allowing our souls to let go and let in our true selves. We do not have to spend our lives searching for what it is – we can experience it and live it. My journey will always be a work in progress but I want to give back and allow my journey to bless you and help you find and follow your own journey. Let’s grow together!


So What is Creative Souls Art?

Sharing my passion through art and teaching.  My Creative Souls are just that.  A journey using art and creativity.  Where fear and perfection do not exist, and passion takes precedence.  




Your Creative Journey Starts Here

My online courses offer hands on, easy to understand guidance in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and mixed media techniques.  No experience necessary – just a creative willingness to explore, experiment and allow yourself to be inspired.  































Here is your Creative Inspiration and Guidance

You are in the right place, Creative!


  • Just starting your Creative Journey and need guidance on how to get started?
  • Maybe you have been doing this for awhile but you are looking to establish your OWN style but still need a helping hand of guidance to get there?
  • You are a seasoned pro but like me, love to watch art tutorials for creative sparks, inspiration and motivation




Your creativity begins here.  Explore creating art on demand.  Learn valuable techniques so YOU can expand and grow.  Nourish YOUR Creative Soul Today!


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What other Creatives are Saying

“Thank You Christa Forrest!! You are number one. I love the idea of using a photo!! I would never in my wildest dreams have done this. And converting it to black and white, and painting over, makes it the best technique I have learned. Saves so much time drawing eyes, noses, lips etc and figuring out shading. Watching you work and your commentary rings so true, the racing thoughts, the anxiety etc etc. love to hear it from you. I can’t wait to print some photos and work. THANK THANK THANK YOU so much! For the longest time I have wanted to learn to paint beautiful black women, now you have shown, the skin tones, and especially the wonderful hair. Thanks again. Can’t say it enough.”


Student From Express Yourself