It’s Time for the Goddess to be Heard

If you have followed me this past year and a half, you have seen my Goddess series grow, expand and come to life.   It started as a project to reinvigorate my own inner goddess to create with more passion and confidence.   It has now grown beyond my just playing to a series that has become stronger and more powerful.  It has touched and inspired others to hang them on their walls and find a connection to their imagery.

It’s time to take this series deeper into a spiritual, political and empowering level.  The overall climate of today has released anger and uncertainty from not only women but people of all shapes, classes, races and religious backgrounds.   We are experiencing a need for change – YES – but ask yourself is it the right change? Are we forgetting our need for empathy, gratitude, and simple respect?   Can we take time out of our busy lives to think of others before ourselves?   Change is good but not when it facilitates hate, racism, bigotry and misogyny.

Goddess #2 – Work in Progress, 48×48

My Goddess series is moving in this direction.  A direction of change that facilitates a positive environment.  It will empower and encourage everyone to move forward beyond our current climate to a journey of peace, happiness and bringing together a source of positive change.

“She Grooves to Her own Beat” 48×48 acrylic on canvas is the first in a series of 10 paintings that will represent and focus on the female Goddess.  It will bring forward strength, a positive inner self, and our amazing beauty from within. It will get political, it will get religious and it will be powerfully strong in statement.  But it will not spread or share negativity or hatred.  It is my creative contribution to bring goodness back into the framework of our environment.

I am so excited to share this new series and am hoping to bring forth both an online show and a show later this year.   I will be creating limited edition signed prints of the series and possibly a book in the works.  So follow the journey and watch the transformation and growth of my Goddess Series.   It will be an amazing experience.




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