The First Four Days

I usually hesitate joining a challenge because it never fails – I will usually lose steam mid way and pretty much give up.   I have all the right intentions but life gets the best of me, I find myself stressed to keep up with the daily task and it becomes too much to handle.   Can I say this time is different?  Maybe but I am trying to approach this 30-day challenge differently.   I have prepared ahead of time and I am not going to stress myself to get it done if I get backed up.

Whats the challenge?

The challenge is to create 30 paintings in 30 days for the month of September.   I have been using acrylics and mixed media paper.  I will only give myself about 30 minutes to an hour to complete a painting.   I move quickly and if I feel a painting is not going where I need it to be, I put it down and start a new day – I can return with a new eye later.

How am I doing?

So I got through the first four days with a breeze.  I worked ahead of myself and created a bunch of “start.”   Each day has its challenges, but I have managed to stay motivated in inspired so far.   I am enjoying the free flowing movement of my abstract paintings.  And, I have learned so much with experimentation of different color combinations and mark making.  It has been fun so far and watching my transformation and journey has motivated me in my other creative projects.

How to keep motivated through a challenge when life hits you hard?

So it has only been four days but I am staying positive and will keep moving forward towards my 30 painting goal.   So how can you stay in the motivated spirit to take on a challenge:

  • keep a journal and document your daily challenges, ups and downs.
  • reward yourself – what is at the end of the rainbow if you complete your challenge?  maybe a trip to the art store for some goodies.
  • don’t beat yourself up if you can’t keep up.  You can always start over or try your best to catch up.   Remember it’s your challenge.  You make your own rules.
  • Have fun and explore new things.   Get your creative flow moving by trying a new medium or substrate.
  • Share your journey with everyone else – post it on Instagram or Facebook.

So I got four down and twenty-six more to go – I can do this – watch me.

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