The Emerging Goddess

So excited to be exhibited this new body of work.  This is a new direction for me in my Goddess series.   While a very uncomfortable journey, painting the female face, I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone to create these beauties.   The show us up and looks amazing!   Opening is this Friday the 23rd from 6-9pm at THE LOFT ARTISTS ASSOCIATION in Stamford, CT.

Where Do I Go From Here?

I am really feeling the Goddess direction.  Creating pieces using acrylic and decorative paper and found objects is exciting.  Still following my intuitive nature, I never have a definite path but just allow the female form to create itself.

FUN, Explorative, Fierce, Imaginative, Meaningful and Important are just a few words to describe the development of this work.  Collaging old books that have spoken to me throughout the years underneath as a sort of underpainting or foundation.   Allowing layers of color, paint, and paper to build upon itself to create depth and a visual journey throughout the story of her emergence.

This body of work is a new direction that I had no idea would happen.  I am excited to continue to explore the subject of the female portrait and can’t wait to allow my process to grow and develop.   The landscapes are still there and I return to them from time to time – but this allows me o really explore and that’s is how I define myself as an artist.

Check out my right up in my local newspaper!


You can view the new body of work here:  The Emerging Goddess 2018

Contact me for information on purchasing a piece in this collection.

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