Pushing Myself to Try Harder

My creative mind is all over the place.  Every day I wake up I have a different vision of what I want to create that day.  There are days in which I am ready to focus on my landscape paintings and sometimes I just want to play and explore to see where it takes me.   I just can’t focus on one style or subject.  My mind moves and changes with the wind.   This becomes an issue as I try to build my brand, my business.   Everyone tells me I need to have one vision but I can’t help it.   I try new things, they work and then they stop working.   I see another artists technique and I try it – why not it looks like fun.  I see how far I can take a medium or subject and if it works I keep going.  If not – I start over.   No biggie – right?

So I have been busting out of the seams as I have been preparing for all of my shows this season.  This is usually where I display my oil landscapes and pastels.   They have done quite nicely and my audience has been receptive to it.  But my other side – the funky wild side wants to play too.   My Goddesses have finally come home and are selling like hotcakes – as so are my Buddha paintings.   And I took a long hiatus on my floral abstracts.  But now – I am pulling out everything and pushing myself to reach further.

  • Can my oil landscapes improve – why yes?
  • Can I introduce new Goddesses, maybe using a new medium or collage technique
  • Can I paint some more Buddhas – why I just did
  • Can I explore my abstract phase a bit more?  I am already there

I have been itching to try to use oil paint in my abstract exploration.  Wow, how much I love the way the paint moves, how the colors blend and get all yummy all over.   This is an exploration and me learning how I can push my oil medium further.   Not only am I opening myself up to seeing a new way of creating but I am learning more about how oil paint moves and talks to my creative soul.  I have always said my abstract, my fun explorations are always helpful to me as I grow in my landscapes.

So I Push Harder

We should never feel content.  We should always feel like everything we do is a work in progress that can always find areas to improve and get better.   This is evident in my creative process and I live by it.  But this is what is always arguing with me every day:

  • I feel like failing and giving up every day – But how can I – I have invested so much at this point.
  • I see so many other artists better than me – wow now my art looks so amateur –  I am not here to be like some else – I can let them inspire me but I need to create what comes from me
  • Why doesn’t anyone buy my art?  Because I haven’t connected with those people that connect with my art and my story yet.
  • Why is creating so hard sometimes?  Because it just is.   It comes from within, and it takes a lot to tap into that inner soul.

And Harder…

So to hush down that pesky inner critical thinking, I just do it.  I take out that canvas and let something happen.   It may work and creativity may flow out like a flood or it may be a disaster but who cares?  I am creating right?

So I sit here a day after a rather OK show and I am on a path of where to begin again.  What canvas is waiting for me to give it some love?  What paint brush needs my attention? And if it doesn’t work today, hey, there is another day coming tomorrow.



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