Playing with my Paint

How do you get your creative soul motivated to create?

I like to use new mediums or tools to play – yeah many times the result is a mess, but it allows me to loosen up, get to know the tools that I do have and also play around with how color reacts to each other. These can be amazing practice runs for the real thing – you know the big white canvas.

I have been a crazy woman trying to get commission completed, get through all of my shows and also trying so hard to get this business off the ground.   I find my creative self gets stalled in the process of busyness.   I end up breaking down and getting nothing accomplished.  So these little prompts help me stay inspired and motivated.  Occasionally, I learn something new, and it gets incorporated into a bigger painting.  Whatever happens though, I try my best to have fun, let loose and just allow myself to create without judgment or criticism.  Ha, easier said than done.

Here is a quick creative project that can help you get a creative boost.

Supplies I like to play with:

A cheap watercolor set

Acrylic Inks

Inexpensive foam brushes or paintbrushes

Big white piece of paper or sketchbook

Spray bottle of water

You can gather up whatever supplies you like as well.

Turn some music on and focus your attention on creating.  Let go of what happened yesterday, today or what is supposed to get done tomorrow.   Don’t worry about making anything perfect – this is your time to explore and create freely – don’t judge yourself or compare.

Allow the paint to do the work

I love using acrylic inks and watercolor in my intuitive painting process because it takes away my control.  I have to allow the flow of the ink or water based medium to take shape.  Sometimes it creates a happy surprise and sometimes it all flows together into a big puddle.  Whatever happens – this is a great exercise to let go of control.   This can translate into everyday issues as well.  Sometimes we just can control the situation at hand.  This is how this process works.

  • You can’t control the end result
  • the end result may not be what you intended
  • You will need to let go and allow the process to unfold
  • If the process fails – you can start over brand new or use that as your underpainting.

I included a quick intuitive painting session I recently did.  I used watercolor, acrylic ink, and pastels.  I really didn’t think about where this was going and just made an effort to have fun.   To me, this is a great start to more.  I can continue to build upon this layer until I say it’s done (that’s another post though).


Watch Video Here


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