Online Workshops

Online Courses Coming this Fall!


Please stay tuned – I will be offering some amazing online workshops focusing on my process and providing tips and techniques on unleashing your own Creative Soul.   Please be patient, as I work to create these awesome courses.   An official launch is coming soon…..


Intro to Pastel

Learn the beautiful medium called pastel.  The student will get to know the various types of pastel, techniques and how to create your own style.


Unleash your Inner Goddess

I love creating my Goddesses.   Learn to create these beautiful images using decorative paper, collage, found elements, stencils and acrylic paint.   The student will get familiar with various mixed media techniques and learn how to tap into your inner self to really create with abundance.  Yoga and mediation techniques will also be included to guide you in this creative process.

inner beauty copy

Creative Soul Painting

Learning how to let go and be free with your art.  Art should be free of the limitations of perfection and fear.  Learn creative process techniques to help you unleash that creative soul inside.   Explore painting intuitively with any paint medium of your choice.  Learn how to utilize this freeness to enhance your creative process going forward.


30 Days of Artful Inspiration for the Creative Soul

30 days packed full of creative prompts and activities to help unleash your Creative Soul.  Explore, experiment and have fun with various techniques and mediums including, mixed media collage, intuitive painting, abstract painting, and much, much more.   Follow along daily if you like or take your sweet time going through the course.  Included in the course is a beautiful inspiring art journal printout that you can use to take note of your experience as you move through the course.