It’s Been Awhile

It has definitely been a while since I posted last.  Many things have emerged in my life that has taken some things towards a back seat.  This website has been one of them.  So many things happening this year – I can’t even count but I am blessed to know that my passion and journey continues to move forward.  The hustle is real and difficult at times but the end result will always be happiness.

First Show of the Year

I have a solo show coming up in March and am so excited to introduce some new empowering Goddesses (so fitting in this time).  Really pushing my creative limits here with female mixed media portraits.  This is out of my usual comfort zone but so far I am feeling a creative flow of energy as I create these amazing women.

So follow along as this journey continues and emerges in March.   These women are hot, fierce, strong, sensual, vulnerable……  I can keep going.   Stay tuned for an online show as well for all of you that can’t make it.

Thanks for following my blog and I hope to continue to share my journey in 2018!!

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