I Did It!

So it has finally come into being, and I am so crazy proud of myself I just can’t contain my excitement.    If you have read my previous story on this, I had planned to complete this course last year September but had a slight roadblock along the way.   I resolved to start completely over and have never been happier.   So “Artful Inspirations: Floral Abstracts” is finally here – February 1st to be exact will be the day you can access all of the amazing creative soul content.   Sharing my passion and process along with providing inspiration and motivation to approach art in a different way.   I love taking online courses from several artists and have learned so much from seeing their process at work.  This course is everything I have learned along my journey as an artist: from online courses, books, workshops, traveling Europe with an artist group and so much more.   When I decided to leave my 20-year career in finance 2 years ago, it was important to follow on my path as a teacher and guide.   Being blessed to be able to take on this path, it was important to practice good Karma – giving back and sharing.   Being a teacher and sharing my blessings has given me so much happiness and fulfillment in my life and if I can touch just one person in this world with the passionate embrace of my creativity and soul – I have done my job.   If we all did the same – can you imagine how beautiful this world would be?

So check out my new course Artful Inspirations: Floral Abstract – starts February 1st

I offer my very first class free so that I can not only share but give out thanks.   This is only the beginning and I have several exciting courses in the works.   My journey is truly just beginning.  When does your journey start?

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