Should I Find a Direction and Stick to it?


So I have been quite absent from my blog for a while.  It has been a combination of feeling overwhelmed, being busy with shows and opportunities and as always, procrastination.   My pathway is leading in different directions, and at times I feel as though I am not sure which way to go.   Will by choice lead me to success or a letdown of sorts?   What should I do?  What choice should I make?  What direction should I be going towards?   It can all be so overwhelming and in the end the procrastination sets in.   So I took a Soulful Break.  I focused on painting and painting a lot.   I created some amazing pieces and some not so amazing.  While I am still not sure of where this path is leading at this moment, I take it all in and learn from whats working and whats not.   I try my best to stay where I am at this very moment in time and not dwell upon where I was yesterday or where I have to be tomorrow.  But it can be tough.

Should I find a direction and stick to it?

One thing I have learned while following my creative passion is it can lead me to many opportunities.   Many times these opportunities come at me at the worst moment – when I am not ready.   A commission, a solo show, an event in which I don’t have enough artwork, and I am working feverishly overnight to get it all done.   I have tried to get my online and teaching off the ground, but a one-woman show is quite tough.   It is slowly (very slowly) creating itself, but I have come to the realization that this is a marathon (a rather long marathon) and not a sprint.   Do I resolve myself to change direction?   My direction is still going in the same direction, but sometimes I need to accept a small amount of change to push it forward.   Being open to change as I push forward on my journey has been an eye opening and soulful experience.   It can be hard to accept change, but in the end, it is probably for the best.   An example is the many art fairs that I have been doing this past year.   I have found some success and truly enjoy doing them, but some are just not working for me.   As much as I love it – I need to open my eyes to the realistic view that I need to shift this pathway a bit to experience success.   Sometimes, emotional decisions need to take a back seat so that the real success can shine through.

Can I move in different directions at once?  

I do, but things can get crazy at times.    I am finding I need to pick a focus – one at a time and get that completed before I move on to the next.   I find myself gathering up too many things at once – and while I am a good multi-tasker – my overwhelmed anxiety kicks in and I shut down completely.   Time seems to rush by me as well, and a well planned out focus can end up coming at me at 50 mph.

So how do I stick to it and get things done?  

How can I focus and complete the tasks that are needed to move forward?   

  • I can allow myself to be where I am right now.  Give me permission to live in the present and accept those things that just aren’t working right now.   It’s perfectly fine that one project isn’t getting done as planned.  Maybe it’s not where I need to be right now.
  • I can take time each day to focus on myself – maybe just do nothing and allow myself to regroup internally. Stave off the anxiety before a shut down occurs
  • I can find activities that encourage positivity – traveling, hiking, exercising, meditating, yoga, etc…   Yes, it takes up precious time but time is what you create onto yourself.   Making time for positive activity encourages creative energy.
  • I can just create.   It doesn’t have to be a perfect masterpiece.  It can be a simple, playful project or a new medium.   Releasing that creative energy so I can inspire my soul to flourish inward and outward.

So a direction is just that a direction.  It can be a simple straight path or all over the place.   Your direction may change slightly or dramatically.   But don’t let it inhibit your growth – reevaluate your path and journey as you move forward.  Accept change but also challenge yourself to finish what you started.  Utilize positive activities to help you focus and not get caught up in a tangles web of confusion and giving up.   Your direction can lead you to so many new adventures – you will accept change throughout – but the inner passion will always be constant.

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