Expanding Outward, Sharing and Exposing my Inner Self

As this year begins to hurry past me, I try my best to slow down and embrace the smaller things.  I always make a big list of to-dos at the beginning of the year and find my life racing past me before I can even get to the starting point.   But this year will be different (yes it will)   I have launched my first online course (it’s FREE) and secured several solo shows in the coming months.  I have expanded my reach outward to spreading my Creative Souls Art story and plan to offer several new online courses to share with all of you.  A small book is also in the works (I am trying).

Of course, it is alway hard to expose my inner self to everyone out in the world.  My art, my story, my ups and my downs.   It is difficult to keep up with all of the ideas streaming in my mind and making the time to get it ALL done.   I am currently creating a 6-week course designed to invigorate and inspire your creative soul.   Focusing on fun motivating projects that have allowed me to loosen up and let go.   From there I plan to offer many more courses.   I have learned so much from this experience and enjoy sharing (even though I am so critical of myself on camera) my passion with the world.   I am not a perfect artist, and I have so much more to learn on my journey.  But I hope to inspire others to get going on their journey whether its creative or a dream they have been holding on to for years and just don’t have the strength to make it happen.  Let’s work together to let that inner critic know we mean business, and we will get it done. Let’s all nourish our creative souls and tell our inner critic to quiet down so we can move forward.   Follow my journey as I move forward – it is a bumpy ride, but the exhilaration is amazing.



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