A Creative Mind is a Messy One

Can anyone relate here?   My studio or anywhere I create is a mess – a beautiful mess though.   But my creative mind is always moving, always thinking and seeing subjects to paint everywhere.   When I listen to music, see a cloud formation or simply just relaxing on a park bench – I can see something to create.  I take my weekly field trip to my local art store – yes it’s an obsession – and I have to buy a new tool – even one little marker can inspire.

Since my shows are starting to wind down, I have returned to the studio to get even messier.   Playing and experimenting again with my tools.   Some things are working and a lot are not.  But I am learning, I am opening up to change and making bold moves.   I don’t have to settle with where I am right now even though I accept and allow myself to be in the moment.  I can find transformation from within and see what new things I can create.

That mess though…

So I can’t help it – I create in chaos.  Outside and inside.   I look at other #studioscenes on Instagram of other artists that look so carefully scripted and neat and I just can’t relate.   Stuff is all over the place and my inner soul is right there with it.   I am finding this method works though.   Chaos breeds amazing surprises in my art.  Things happen or become visible only by just letting my intuitive nature take control.  My work becomes more fluid and less structured.  I stop nitpicking on the small details and I start to think and feel bigger.  After three years of doing this artist thing full time, I finally feel like my art is going somewhere and coming alive.

Do you create or work in chaos or complete order?

What about you? How do you create?

  • Do you need strict order – everything in its place?
  • Do you start orderly and end up with everything all over the place?
  • Do you just work in complete chaos and let it all go?

Does it matter?

I am a strong proponent of letting yourself go and letting your inner soul take over.  If whats happening is happening – let it happen.   When I am in the creative spirit I stop focusing on everything else and pour my soul into my creation.   So if you work in mess both inner and outer – stop thinking about making things orderly – it will only inhibit your growth.

So go out and make a mess!

So I challenge you to go make a mess.  Write in your journal, make a mess on a brand new canvas.  It may all come out as gibberish but you are releasing creativity.   This is where unexpected surprises begin to surface.  Free writing, brainstorming, intuitive painting, dancing – I can keep going.  These are all practices to help free that messy creative mind outward.   How many masterpieces were created this way?

Share your creative mess with me on Instagram at #creativesoulsart and follow me at @creativesoulsart_journey.

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Here I am sharing this explorative journey – not sure where it will end up, but I am saddling myself up for an amazing ride.


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