Connecting and Spreading my Passion

Can’t believe we are already through March.  For me, this means packing my artwork up and going outward to connect with customers and spread my passion to the many indoor/outdoor shows I do throughout the year.   Last year was my first year doing this, and it was tough.  I cried, I laughed, my anxiety set in and I sometimes left defeated.  But I persisted through it all and had a pretty good first year.  No, I did not become a famous, rich artist, but it was a success overall.   I met so many new people, I was able to hone into my ideal customer, and I learned a lot about getting out there and selling my art as an entrepreneur.

This year my goal is to get out there more and open up to share my story with my customer.   Allowing myself to expose me even more and touching those that need a creative boost of sorts.   My art is an extension of my soul, and I hope to give others my experience of nourishment, renewal and a reset.   The opportunity to share my art allows me to get out of my studio and get to know who my customer or my tribe is.   Every so often, someone is touched soulfully by my art.  They say they feel happiness or solace.   This brings a big smile to my face because “IT’S WORKING”   My goal of trying to express how I am feeling into my art has been tough.  It can be hard to let in and let go into the creative process.  But through all of my various creative outlets, it has allowed me to bloom outward and onto my canvas.

So continue to follow the journey:

I truly enjoy sharing my journey even when it is not always fun and successful.  But it helps to let it all out and see me from the outside.  I hope one of you out there can find inspiration and motivation to find your journey through my story.  I hope I can put a smile on your face and spread happiness in a time when we need a little.   I want to give back because I am blessed to be able to be sitting here writing this blog and pursuing the life I love to live.


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