Challenge yourself to Challenge yourself

Do we all find it difficult to accept a challenge within ourselves?

Do we see and accept change but can’t seem to get it going?

Are we scared of taking on a challenge because we just might fail?

I know I do all the time.   I hang my art up and create in hopes that the masses will sweep in, love my work and buy it all.  I have ideas I want to express but feel like I don’t have it in me to express them.

Remember Fear and Perfection?

Those two pesky things that keep us from change, new ideas and challenging ourselves to break free of normal.

So let’s take on a challenge starting NOW!

Now our challenge doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking like climbing Mt Everest.  It can be small like committing to waking up at 4 am every morning.  Or maybe spending one hour a week on a new craft or hobby.   It can be anything – there are no rules.  But a small challenge can build up to bigger things and allow us to get up the confidence to take on big changes in our lives.

So what is my challenge?

I find I am having a hard time getting stuff done.   I have a bunch of shows this summer, I teach at nights, and I have a few commissions in the works.  I want to work on a new series of Goddess paintings, and I want to start getting these online classes up and running.  It’s overwhelming.   I have succumbed to the fact that it just doesn’t need to happen right this second and I can take the time to develop these ideas.   But how can I find a less anxiety-free way to get my ideas and wishes to work?

So I figure I can break these tasks into smaller manageable tasks or challenges – I can develop and inspire myself by making small challenges daily, weekly and monthly and eventually get to my larger goals.

Here is a list of small challenges I could incorporate into my schedule:

  • spend 10 minutes a day journaling my thoughts – these small passages can be used for future blog posts and prompts
  • take one hour a day to do something outside in nature – Bring my camera and take pictures and video so I can use them for a future blog, social media, and inspirational posts or artwork subjects
  • challenge myself to add at least 3 new people to my email list a week – the more the merrier and the more I can add to my list the more I can spread the word that I AM AN ARTIST.
  • Take 30 minutes a day to sketch or paint a quick study – practice.   These small studies end up becoming larger painting ideas or they are sold as lower priced inventory I can sell at my shows – plus it helps build up my painting confidence

Many times we challenge ourselves, but the goal becomes too big.  We end up giving up before we even got ourselves on the right footing to get started.   So these are a few small challenges that become inventory and ideas for my bigger goals.  I can take on these challenges with little or no setup or stress.  I break them up in smaller increments of time so they do not become overwhelming and I can fit them into my busy schedule.  I don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the bigger picture because as I gather these small challenges together, the bigger goal will surface.

Ok so who is up for the challenge to be challenged?  I am!  I will document these challenges in a visual journal that I will share with all of you as I go foward.  Wish me luck!  and I wish you support and guidance as we move forward together in following our journey.

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