Adapting to Change and Changing to Adapt


As we continue to explore our creative side, we find it tends to expand outward to the point where it becomes more and more of us.  I experienced this when I decided to return to painting about seven years ago.   At first, it was just a small “I am going to start painting again as a hobby” to ” this is my passion and all I want to do every day.”   It has consumed me (in a good way).   I wake up creating and end the day thinking about what I am going to create tomorrow. As I shift in my many directions my creative self evolves and guides me forward.  I need to remind myself to be open to change, when it presents itself and how to accept it.

Change is a big word and how we choose to adapt to it can determine so many things:

  • How we explore our passion
  • How we embrace our community and friends
  • How we see the world
  • How we accept others
  • How we make decisions

Change is good but can be extremely difficult to adapt to and allow ourselves to embrace.   We yearn for the good ole days, or back in the day but that only tells us we are living in the past.  We hope for tomorrow and say “I will do this when I get here” but that has us looking too forward.

Accepting where we are Right Now

We must see who and where we are right now – in the present.   We can’t change the past and yes we can orchestrate the future.  But it is where we are right now that we need to accept and manage.  Even if it forces us to notice and take heed to change.

We are where we need to be

It may not be what we hoped for and we may have a long journey ahead of us but it is where we are right now that we should embrace and hold on to.   Being in the present gives us the time and space to accept change, see it and adapt to its constant evolution.

How can creativity help me see change?

My creative self is always changing.  I can’t decide what to create and pick one genre to focus on.   It is evolving as I evolve as a person.  But my creativity helps me adapt to my own personal change as well.

  • I move on from the past – while I do look back on older creations, I do not dwell on mistakes or past failures in my art.   I let it go, put it away and start a new canvas.   Yes, many never make it to the finish line, but they are all lessons in learning.   Sometimes I return to an old painting that wasn’t working and look at it with fresh eyes and start over – using that once failure as a stepping stone – many times the painting becomes a finished product and through the failure emerges an amazing masterpiece.
  • My many failures or disappointments can learn from this behavior.  I used to dwell on mistakes.  I would harbor them inside so much that I could never move on from it.  I would think of the failure and be too scared to try again – worrying about failing again.   But if I incorporate my creative mentality into my personal life, I can let it go, put it away and start a new canvas.   I might fail again and have to start several new canvases but an amazing masterpiece is yet to emerge – this only happens after I continue to try again.
  • I adapt to change
  • how many times are you on Pinterest or Instagram and see another artist and say I want to do that?  I do it all the time and my style and approach to art changes as I continue to embrace all mediums and styles into my work.  I practice and try new things – sometimes they work and many times they are a big bust.  But the act of trying was fun.   My art will begin to evolve as a result.  My style has become looser and freer with more confidence.  This has only happened because of practice.   sometimes I feel a little weird when I have been approaching a style or technique one way and start doing it differently.  Has my style changed too much, is my work too all over the place.
  • In my life, adapting to change is honestly really hard.   If you have been doing it that way for so long, it feels kind of weird to start doing it a different way.   I start feeling awkward, self-conscious and down right scared.   Because, why can’t we just continue to do it the way I have always done?

But changing, evolving, accepting and adapting are important parts of your journey forward.   Your personal development and your creative growth depend on it.

How can we learn to adapt?

  • Read a book that is different from your usual genre – if you like a good mystery – read a biography
  • Try a brand new medium, find an artist that specializes in it and try to be inspired and try new things
  • Try painting to music that you would never listen to – see how your process changes.
  • Take a creative field trip to a new spot every week.   Document what you learned and found on your journey

So embrace it and envision a life that circles around your passion.

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