What inspires you?

  • Everything – everyone and everywhere I go.
  • 4am in the morning and then watching for the sunrise outside of my big picture window.
  • The colors right after a thunderstorm.  The grey in the sky makes the colors in nature so vibrant.
  • My cats Trooper and Samantha – I love taking their pictures and then painting them
  • Going to an art store and looking at all of the blank canvases, rows of paint and pastels.  Can never leave empty handed.
  • My ever growing pastel collection (I think I might have over a thousand)  I still want a full set of Terry Ludwigs though.
  • Listening to music while painting.  Doesn’t matter why type – I love all types of music!
  • A cup of coffee and my writing journal (this is a new inspiration for me – stay tuned on how this plays out)
  • My sketchbook
  • My mediation and yoga practice – keeps me balanced.
  • Long hikes in New England during the fall

What is your painting process?

I am a pastel artist at heart but I also really enjoy painting with oils and acrylic.  I love to take photos from my phone or Nikon camera everywhere I go. I am always finding a scene or landscape that tickles my fancy. When I find a photo that looks good enough to be a painting, I will play with it on Photoshop until I get it just right. In many of my paintings I start with a bright underpainting with really bright colors like red, orange or pink. This gives the painting an added viola!!  I will work through the painting focusing on how light affects the composition.  I try not to be a perfectionist so in the end I will usually have to step away from the painting and call it done.

What if I have a scene/pet that I would love for you to paint?

Yeah!!!! – Just send me an email christa@creativesoulsart.com and we can work it out. I would need a really good photo as well.

Are you a full time artist?

I am now.  I spent a long 20 year career in finance and on December 31st, 2014, I decided to step away from corporate life to follow my passion in art.   I also teach and help others realize and explore their creative selves.


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