My Story

I started my journey with a dream I guess…..

What Is Creative Souls Art?

Sharing my passion through art and teaching. My Creative Souls are just that. A journey using art and creativity.  Where fear and perfection do not exist and passion takes precedence.  My Creative Souls are creations, whether they take one hour or 6 months to create.  They are like daily creative workouts that invigorate the soul and my long winded challenges that push me past my comfort zone.  Some will be successful and many will fail but I share these with you everyday as well as my journey into a new path in life hoping to inspire others to visualize and experience passion head on.

What’s this passion thing all about?

When you find your passion – take it out into the world and spread it around…. 

Where does your passion lie? Have you ever dreamt of an ideal life in which you are doing what you were meant to be doing? Do you find yourself yearning to get up in the morning and drive in the other direction from your daily gruel?

This was my life story for 20 years.  Chugging along feeling depressed, experiencing intense anxiety – wishing, dreaming of a life of happiness and content. What keeps us from confronting our passion head on?  I’ll tell you what it is – it’s FEAR! That’s right the fear of the unknown, failure, what will people think, I am just not there yet, its not perfect… I can keep going with the plethora of excuses we make for ourselves.   There is another culprit it is PERFECTION.  As creatives we strive for the perfect line, the perfect painting, the blue ribbon, acceptance and validation.   If we feel we are not ready, we stall and keep our creativity hidden until “we just get it right.”

Fear and Perfection

Two killers of creativity.   The two things that kept me from going forward with my passion to create.   Until…. I had enough.

Let me take it back a bit….

I was always a creative soul. When I was a little girl, I found every opportunity to be creative and artistic. I would daydream for hours, looking up into the clouds waiting for shapes, figures and animals to transform. I would tug at my great grandmother’s sleeve to allow me to sew my own designer fashions for my dolls on her old Singer sewing machine. On Sundays, I would cut out the fashion illustrations from the New York Timesand color them. I loved to create. But life passed me by… Yes, I did end up briefly attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and having a dream job in NYC at a design house but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. A series of situations led me back home, a single mother and a new career path in finance – because you know you got to pay the bills. Fifteen years later – I had established a pretty good career for myself but unfortunately I left my creative soul behind. It wasn’t until I had a soul searching session with a therapist about my son’s organization skills did I even realize I left it hidden underneath years of pain.  Of course the discussion turned to me.  By the end of the session she said “You are going to leave here and take an art class.” So I did. After my first class my creative soul reemerged, exploded into a new me. Stronger and more vibrant than ever, my passion took over and soon I realized I need to get out of the cubicle and paint. For the next 3 years after this rebirth I suffered – working my “real” job – you know the one that pays the bills and painting when I had an inch of free time. It was torture. I spent too much time hating being at work.  I was unhappy, suffering from depression and anxiety. I found my passion and it wanted to burst out of every seam.

So I did it! I finally said I had enough and resigned. Ok, it wasn’t a flash decision. I had planned this for a while with my husband’s blessing. We saved, we planned, I hired a coach to get me to my goal the right way.  I found my why and purpose and forged forward – taking on the Fear
 and Perfection head on.

So here I am – a full time artist, teacher, and passion spreader to all that want to listen and conquer fear and perfection as well.   And, here you are –  Just in time to follow me embark on this journey. Free from perfection and fear. I am so excited to share this passion with you and hope you join me through the trials and tribulations of a new life.  This is what Creative Souls Art is truly about. Spreading passion and just maybe inspiring others to find their purpose.

Unleash your Creative Soul

You too can challenge yourself and find your passion. Take some time everyday to just “do you” whatever it maybe. It doesn’t have to be perfect – who cares what others think.   Subscribe to Creative Souls to keep up to date.  Send me an email to share your progress and frustrations.  I would love to hear from you!!

Unleash Your Creative Soul

  • Just starting your Creative Journey and need guidance on how to get started?
  • Maybe you have been doing this for awhile but you are looking to establish your OWN style but still need a helping hand of guidance to get there?
  • You are a seasoned pro but like me, love to watch art tutorials for creative sparks, inspiration and motivation