A Direction Worth Seeking


As my solo show comes to an end, I have found a new sense of creativity from within.   I know I find myself saying this all the time.   But something is different here.   Since I began my creative journey, painting the human figure and worse the face, was off-limits.  It was uncomfortable; it was hard and too stressful.  I remember trying it once and an old “established” artist and instructor shot my skills down hard.  After that, I vowed I would never painting a human figure again.    But I decided to break free of my fears and make a change.   The result was fascinating and a true growth experience.   I created The Emerging Goddess body of work and although I knew I had a long way to go to grow, it was an inner success for my creative self.   Now I haven’t put away my landscape paint brushes, but this is a direction worth seeking – just to see where it goes.

The Emerging Goddess Book

The journey has expanded and I am finding a new sense of growth in my work.   I have created a book of The Emerging Goddess series.   Available as Ebook and soft cover book.   This is a retrospective view of the Goddess journey.  Please check it out and join me as I move forward!

Click on the link below for purchase information and to view a preview:

Empowering Female …
Photo book



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