A 30 Day Challenge


So my creative soul has been in a kind of a rut lately.  I guess it’s the obvious coming of Fall and the year coming to an end.  Even though we still have time left, I feel like the year has rushed past me and I have accomplished nothing.  Well, I actually did a lot, but there are still several things on my to do list that I never got to.

So I decided to put the pressure on and participate in a 30 day creating challenge.  To be honest, I usually always fail at these.  I start out with a big “gung ho” and eventually fizzle out towards mid way.   I know I am not alone – we all do this.

But this time is different?

Yes, I think. No, I know.  I have prepared and will spend no more than 30 minutes to an hour on each daily piece.  They will be on my favorite mixed media paper so not feelings of waste if I screw up a pricey canvas.   I will post daily on my Instagram page and share here on my blog as well.  I really need a boost here and writing about it somewhat holds me accountable.   And sharing keeps me in a positive and no fear, no perfection zone.

So follow this 30 Day journey, maybe do one yourself and see how you feel on October 1st.

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