10 Creative Soul Prompts

To get you inspired and motivated to create.

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Even though my mind is always on creative over drive, I do find myself from time to time at a loss of what to paint or create.  A simple sketchbook can help you break free of that block and allow those juices to flow.  Every now and then we need to provide nourishment to create.

I figured I would share some fun, inspiring ways to get your Creative Soul juices flowing so that you can nourish that creativity from within.  You will need a sketchbook (nothing fancy here), a pencil, marker or any other type of drawing material and an open mind.

Here are 10 inspiring Creative Souls to get you started:


IMG_44381.  Close your eyes.   Sit down in a quiet, comfortable spot and close your eyes.   Take awareness of your breathe as you inhale and exhale.  Listen to the sounds around you.  How does it make you feel? Is there a pattern forming from the sounds.  Take note as to how you feel.   Do this for 2 minutes or be daring an go for 10 minutes.   When you are done, quickly jot down your feelings in a sketchbook.  Draw the sounds you heard and your breathe as you inhaled and exhaled.


2.  Get a large white piece of drawing paper and black marker.  Turn on some music! Start moving the marker as the music moves you.   Let loose, make marks and scribble.  Don’t worry about what’s going on with your artwork, focus on how the music moves you to create.  Now try this with acrylic ink, watercolors or acrylic paint.


3.  Take a hike with your sketchbook.  Take breaks and sketch quick, loose drawings of your surroundings.  Noting, the colors, the feelings and the sounds around you.  Don’t worry about sketching perfect landscapes.  Just sketch what you see. It may look totally different.  But thats art!



4.  Take your sketchbook and sit in a small cafe or coffee shop.   Instead of playing with your phone, use that time to sketch your surroundings, brainstorm on ideas and just be.



5.  Try a brand new craft.  Try knitting, sewing, beading etc….  Go to a craft store and explore new things.  Be careful this might become addicting.  Try to find ways to incorporate this new found craft into your existing art.  Or, just make something new!


6.  Take a yoga class.   It has been known to invigorate creative flow


7.  Go on a creative field trip.  Visit a gallery or museum.   Even better bring your sketchbook!  Take note of the images and artwork that moves you.  Are you attracted to the color, contrast, or composition?  How does it speak to you.  Quickly sketch your own versions of the art.


8.  Read Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear”  amazing inspiration and motivation here.


9.  Host a painting party with friends.  Painting with friends is fun and relaxing.  You are more prone to laugh and be more at ease with your painting process.  Just have fun!



10.  Focus an intention for the day.  Use your sketchbook to jot this down.  Then pick up your sketchbook throughout the day to take note through words or sketching how your intention is being incorporated.  For example, Gratitude.  You could write a few words on what it means to you and how you would like to practice this throughout the day.  Quickly sketch images of what it means to you.


These are just a few things you can incorporate into your daily lives to help unleash that Creative Soul.   Don’t think about making anything perfect.  The goal is to have fun, experiment and explore new things.   Open your mind to trying something new and if you like it keep going.  If you don’t let it go.

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Happy Creating!!!!!


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