10 Positive Things You Can Do to Add Mindfulness into your Creative Process

We all know that having a positive attitude towards our daily lives encourages a healthy and prosperous lifestyle.   “You are what you eat” but ” you are what you say” can also be communicated towards our inner selves.  What we tell ourselves can completely shape how we make decisions, how we view ourselves and the world around us and how we interact with others.   When we surround ourselves with negative energy, we, unfortunately, absorb this soul drenching intoxication of bad stuff.   Our inner selves can be to blame at times, as it sometimes tells us what we can’t do or how we will fail at things miserably.   But we can work on this and condition our souls to embrace things (even when they seem negative ) in a more positive light.  We can make small adjustments to the way we think, get up in the morning and go about our daily lives.   We can practice mindfulness as a way to tap into our inner self and teach it a lesson on acceptance.   Below are just a few small changes and practices you can make to encourage a positive mindset and allow your present nature to shine.

  1.   Keep a gratitude journal – I am always a fan of documenting your journey and experiences.  Find ways to practice gratitude towards yourself and others and write it down.   What am I thankful for?   How can I help my neighbor?   Can I do one thing a day that benefits someone else and not myself?  Did anyone support me today so that I could get back on my feet?
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – make this journal visual and incorporate collage and beautiful imagery within its creation.
  2.  Get good at being rejected – we have been told “NO” since we were tiny little creatures.  For many of us, this was the word we enjoyed repeating over and over again to the joy of our mother’s ears.   Our first noticeable rejection was probably heart wrenching, and we hid under our covers until we gained enough energy to reemerge.   We will continue to experience rejection in our daily lives so let’s get good at it.  Accept the failure and use it to make you stronger.   Allow it to be just a small road bump towards a more positive and clear road.   We can get good at this and the more failures and rejections we can experience, the better we can get at reaching and maintaining this journey of ours.
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – when you find your creativity exposed to rejection, get back up and try again.  Buy a new canvas or a new color of paint and pour that rejection onto the canvas.   Allow those raw feelings to emerge – you might be surprised at the outcome.  You can’t take the rejection from others towards your creativity personally.  It is their opinion.  You can find rejection amongst one viewer and praise from another.   Remember, people see what they want to see and like to be opinionated.  Don’t let that stop you from spreading the story that you want to show off to the world.
  3. Use positive words to describe your life – Again, “we are what we tell ourselves.”   If we say we are amazing – we will be.  If we tell ourselves we “suck” at this – well hate to say it – we will.   Subscribe to the positive path and tell yourself how great you are today.   Wake up in the morning and tell yourself something positive each day.
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – put these words into your paintings.  Hide them or let them be bold for all to see.  Try beginning your canvas with positive affirmations and intentions and build your painting around this story.
  4. Notice the good in times of tragedy – when I began my creative journey, I hired a coach to help me organize and plan my path towards creative independence.   She told me to read “A Man’s Search for Meaning” by Holocaust survivor & author Viktor E. Frankl.  The story describes his ultimate survival and hardships in three concentration camps including Auschwitz.  Frankl believed that humans are driven by finding meaning in their lives, and it is this sense of meaning that allows individuals to overcome some of their worst painful experiences.   How can we find happiness when there is so much pain and suffering around us?   We can find meaning in ourselves. Frankl does describe instances in his book about finding the good in the harshest conditions imaginable.   How could he smile when faced with sickness, starvation, and death around him?   He found the good, and this was key to his ultimate survival.  I highly suggest opening yourself up to this mindset.   Tragedy and hardship can vary amongst us, but it is how we choose to overcome it will determine our eventual outcome.   Stay positive, find your meaning and communicate the good in a situation.
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – Art is an amazing way to share your experiences without sharing your experiences.   UHH?   You have the ability to tell your story through visual imagery without revealing it’s innermost thoughts to the viewer.  It is up to you whether you want your audience to hear or see the gut-wrenching story behind it.  Or, you can simply keep it to yourself and let your viewer just be inspired by the composition.   In all, when faced with a tragic situation, reach out towards your creativity to help heal it.   The creativity becomes your good, your meaning, and communication.
  5. Have solutions when pointing out problems – it is easy for us to point out the negative in every situation.   But can we work to match a solution to whatever the problem might entail?   If we say this isn’t working, can we provide an idea on how to make it work?   We can talk, complain and tell others how things are just not right, but it is a different story when we “get our hands dirty” and step up and be a part of the solution.   Before we shout out, let’s shout in and provide our audience with a “here is an idea!.”
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – a painting is a problem.  It starts out with several questions, and eventually, we work them all out to become a finished agreed upon masterpiece.   Reach out to your “tribe” and request help to find solutions to your creative problems.   Read books and take a workshop to help you find solutions and answers.  A different perspective can change your process to a whole different light.
  6. Make someone else smile – Smiling is a great way to boost positivity within and towards others.   Do something, one thing a day to make someone else smile.  Bonus points if you do it to a complete stranger.  Take the time to say thank you and ask how is your day?   Step back during your daily routine to just give thanks and provide a positive attitude outwards.  A smile a day keeps the negativity away!
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – sharing your process with others can incorporate thousands of smiles.   Just stepping out and sharing your passion. I have had people say my paintings make them happy.  Well, it’s no surprise, I am happy while I am creating.  My feeling is coming outward towards my viewer.
  7. Breathe – take a moment and recognize your simple but important breath.   We do it all day long and only realize it when we have run up five flights of stairs or rushing to catch that last minute train.   When faced with a negative situation, take a time out to just breathe.
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – start off your creative journey with a few deep long breaths.   Take some time to recognize the feeling of it.  Let in the goodness and let go of those things that will get you stuck in this process.  Step back from your painting and just breath for awhile.
  8. Disconnect and reconnect with YOU – we are all tied to our devices. It provides us with up the second news, information, and gossip.   We check our emails constantly because we just might miss something.   We have 24 hours news to cram us with insignificant sound bites.  We are inundated with artificial imagery every second through social media and the thousands of TV channels somehow we think we need.   Take a moment out of your day to disconnect from the constant splurge of information and just reconnect with YOU.  Sit and have a cup of tea, read a book on poetry or take a nice walk amongst nature.   Our minds are being conditioned to go a million miles a minute – stop, slow down and smell the roses.
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – try to tune out during your painting session.  Turn off the TV, put away your smartphone and just be one with your canvas, palette, and brush.   Maybe go outside and be creative.  Design your creative space to be able to shut yourself off from the busy fast paced world around you and just spend that time to focus on creating.
  9. Give yourself a pat on the back – it’s ok, give yourself some praise once in awhile.   It’s not gloating – you deserve it!   You do amazing things every day so allow yourself that thank you.
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – give yourself some credit in your creative journey.  You have come a long way.  If you are just starting out tell yourself you are doing amazing so far.  We can always improve upon our process, but your growth and putting in the work is an accomplishment in itself – praise it and reward yourself for just putting it out there.  After a painting session, reward yourself with a new paint brush or just a nice warm cup of tea.
  10. Laugh – Laughing is contagious and spreads a positive atmosphere whether we like it or not.   Have a good laugh once in awhile – a really good laugh where you are on the verge of bursting out into tears.   It’s not always insensitive to find something amusing when faced with a negative situation.  Sometimes laughing it off can help your coping mechanisms to recharge and recuperate.
    • How to incorporate into your Creative Process – how about consciously laughing while you paint?  I know it sounds silly, but it might change something on that canvas in a positive way.  Maybe listen to your favorite comedian or listen to an amusing book while you create.

These are just a small portion of positive things we can incorporate into our daily lives and creative process.   I am sure there are thousands more.   But making an effort to chose the positive path instead of falling victim to negativity can significantly change YOU.   If you feel good, you are good.

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